Silviculture Magazine's Fall 2011 Issue Now Available!


Silviculture Magazine

October 11, 2011

Dear Subscriber,

The Fall 2011 issue is now available. Click here to view.            

This issue features;

  • Woody energy crops                                    
  • What is 'not satisfactorily restocked' in BC   
  • Notes from the field- Part II                      
  • Restoring critical ecosystems                
  • A century of expansion- western spruce budworm                  
  • Root diseases and timber dogs                
  • Forest health -red band needle blight   
  • Forest safety
  • Regional Association Reports         
  • And more!


Thanks to our exceptional contributing authors for this great issue! To view the magazine in pdf format please login to the website and click on the 'current issue'.

Reminder: we welcome letters of feedback, photo submissions as well as manuscript submissions. See the website for details. 

To all of you, in the cities and out in the bush, have a great autumn and happy reading!


Kate Menzies

Silviculture Magazine