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Fall 2010

Fall 2010

Mountain Pine Beetle in BC
Lodgepole Pine in BC
Managing Mountain Pine Beetle in Alberta
Western White Pine's New Century

Spring 2009

Managing Risk & Complexity
Re-growing Soil
Fertilizer & Pesticide Use
Reforesting Pest & Fire Areas

Fall 2008

Fall 2008

Growing Wood Fibre for Energy
MPB Targets America
Forests & Biofuel Production

Summer 2008

Linking Silviculture To Watershed Management
The Emerging Use of Willow
Western Climate Initiative
Aboriginal Silviculture

Spring 2008

Carbon & Nutrient Cycling
Global Carbon Markets
Trees For Change
Secondary Structure

Winter 2008

Winter 2008

Getting Tree Planting Fit
Tree Improvement
Tree Seed Centers
Inexpensive Regeneration

Fall 2007

Fall 2007

The Haida Gwaii Climate Forest Restoration
Adaptive Forest Management in Newfoundland & Labrador
Ecosystem Management
Forest Nursery Development

Summer 2007

Land Usese Planning
Somatic Embryogenesis Technology
Stock Handling Innovations
Adaptive Forest Management in BC

Spring 2007

Benchmarking Healthy Ecosystems
Use and Utility of Forest Biomass
Crop Tree Spot Selection
Adaptive Forest Management in Quebec

Winter 2007

Winter 2007

MPB Invasion of Boreal Forests
Management of White Pine
Biomass Forest Management

Fall 2006

Fall 2006

Managing Forest Carbon
Silviculture & Climate Change
More Than Timber
Adaptive Forest Management

Summer 2006

Shrinking Capacity
New Tool For Integrated Water Quality Management
Integrated Vegetation Management

Spring 2006

Exporting Canadian Expertise
Ground Seeding
Stock Handling

Winter 2006

Winter 2006

Use and Utility of Forest Biomass
Silviculture Initiatives in the National Forest Strategy
Biomass Energy Production

Fall 2005

Fall 2005

Managing MPB in Canada's National Parks
Thinning as a Restoration Tool
F and H Layer planting

Summer 2005

Site Preparation Equipment Review
Carbon & Fores t Ecosystem Management

Spring 2005

Recent Developments in Silviculture
Aerial & Satellite Imaging Surveys
Aerial Seeding

Winter 2005

Winter 2005

FSC & Plantations
Natural Disasters Affecting Forest Land
Fuel Reduction & Ecological Restoration

Fall 2004

Fall 2004

Aboriginal Silviculture
Commercial Thinning
Boreal Conservation

Summer 2004

Preventing & Managing Forest Fires
History of Canadian Tree Planting Tools
Ecosystem Approach to Climate Change

Spring 2004

Ecosystem Management
Fertilization for Planted Seedlings
Integrated Landscape Management

Winter 2004

Winter 2004

Silviculture Contracting Within SFM
New Silviculture in New Brunswick

Fall 2003

Fall 2003

Canada's Forestry Sector & The Bioeconomy
Forest Hydrology
World Forest Congress

Summer 2003

Site preparation
Aerial fertilizing
Wild tree seed collection

Spring 2003

Pre-commercial thinning
Swedish lessons
Preventing tree planting injuries

Winter 2003

Winter 2003

Australian & U.S. Silviculture
Forest Health
Carbon credits & Afforestation

Fall 2002

Fall 2002

Commercial Thinning
Carbon Credits
Watershed Restoration
Browse Protection

Summer 2002

Stocking standards
Threat of wildfire
Focus on Safety
Forest regeneration

Spring 2002

  • Tree Improvements
  • Wilderness Gear
  • Industry Profitability
  • Reforesting the Earth

Winter 2002

  • Certification 
  • Beetle Mania
  • Fertilization
  • Beneficial Forest Intervention
Fall 2001

Fall 2001

  • Planting 16 Billion Trees in Canada
  • Carbon Sinks
  • Brush Management

Summer 1997

From the ground up: Site preparation and soil rehabilitation
BC jobs and timber accord reviewed

Spring 1997

Planting spot selection for successful regeneration
Planning for sustainable harvest levels in BC
Western Silviculture Conference round-up

Winter 1997

Winter 1997

Thinning & selective cut: cross-country check-up
Stumped: Armillaria root disease
Bill 12 threatens BC’s silviculture industry

Fall 1996

Fall 1996

Sheep grazing for silviculture
Mechanical site preparation in BC and Ontario
Swedish silviculture trends

Summer 1996

Historical forest restoration in Ontario
Watershed restoration in the Pacific Northwest
Silviculture employment standards in BC

Spring 1996

Nursery industry trends across Canada
Effects of rough handling on early seedling performance
Western silviculture conference round-up

Winter 1996

Commercial thinning: Balancing volume and value
Sheep grazers left out in the cold
Conservation of Northern forests conference

Fall 1995

Fall 1995

Latest fallout in the silviculture industry
New Yukon forestry agreement
Uncontrolled burns singe Ontario

Summer 1995

Early pruning of Douglas Fir
More Swedish root snarls
Petter’s 2020 for BC forests

Spring 1995

  • Root deformities and stability
  • Provincial Auditor's report on Ontario forests
  • Regional Silviculture report from across Canada
Winter 1995

Winter 1995

Treeplanter’s death raises ATV safety questions
Questioning Ontario’s sustainable forestry act
Integrated vegetation management

Fall 1994

Fall 1994

Forest tending in Eastern Canada and Europe
Stabilizing silviculture in New Brunswick
The future of clearcutting in Canada

Spring Summer 1994

  • Canadian Silviculture worker certification
  • Criteria for sustainable development of Canadian forests
  • Seedling root form debate continues...
Winter 1994

Winter 1994

Ecosystem silviculture
Soil degradation guidelines for mechanical site preparation
Alberta silviculture tour

Fall 1993

Fall 1993

  • Carbon sinks silviculture: A CO2 strategy for Canada
  • Seedling Morphology and the Forest Floor
  • Dispatches from the FRDA wares in P.E.I

Summer 1993

Questioning Ontario’s interim silviculture strategy
PEI’s FRDA is first on the chopping block
More makework = less silviculture in BC forests

WSCA Fall/ Winter 1992

Carbon sink silviculture
Planting on the coast
Future silviculture markets
Timber supply analysis

WSCA Summer 1992

Silviculture derailed?
MOF 5 Year Forest Plan
Wild tree Committee
Ontario MNR cutbacks

WSCA Winter 1992

Native forestry
WSCA role
Continuing forestry studies
Contracting game

WSCA Summer 1991

Strategy for human resources
Contractor/ manager relations
Auditor general's report
Pesticide roundup

WSCA Winter 1991

Silviculture = jobs tomorrow
FRDA media wars
Microsite selection
Corrections branch training

WSCA Fall 1990

1991 tree planting market
Transportation safety
Employment in silviculture
Sustainable development

WSCA Winter 1990

MOF contracts for the 90's
Herbicide subsidies
Ergonomics of tree planting
FRDA reports

WSCA Fall 1989

Economics of tree planting
Bid price trends
Toxicity Roundup
Firefighting regulations

WSCA Spring 1988

Silviculture dimensions
R.I.P. A.T.V.
Employment standards
No-payment follies

WSCA Winter 1988

Reforestation transformation
Forest policy update
CFS Tree planter study
Bill 70 summary

WSCA Fall 1987

Free growing guarantees
Job creation
National forest strategy

WSCA Spring 1987

Seedling stress
BC stewardship options
Effects of spacing on yield
Management of forests

WSCA Winter 1987

MOFL reorganization
PRWA referral service
Training update

WSCA Fall 1986

Camp Standards
Fire & Insurance
The Training Puzzle
Variable Security Deposits

WSCA April 1986

Minutes of annual general meeting
Report on the progress of the 1st Meeting of the Okanagan Regional Chapter of the WSCA
Reshaping forest policy in British Columbia

WSCA Fall 1985

New checking system
Woodshock "You can't see the forest without the trees"
Establishing qualifying standards

WSCA Summer 1985

Forest and range resource analysis
State of the forest industry
Priorities and new developments in silviculture
Economic survival